PMS passiac

The Many Shades of Emotion during PMS

How we help women with severe PMS symptoms in Passaic At Ahkami Medical Group, we believe that if the severity of your PMS symptoms is encroaching on your enjoyment of life, something should be done. It all starts with a conversation- once we determine how PMS is affecting your life,…

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nutrition and menopause in Passaic

How to Keep off Weight Gain after Menopause

Nutrition for postmenopausal women Below you will find some basic guidelines that help guide nutritional choices. While this might make for a radical departure for some, it is worth experimenting with diet to determine how a more balanced diet can help you lead a more balanced life. Bone health: vitamin…

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postmenopausal life in Passaic

Adjusting to Postmenopausal Life in Passaic

Postmenopause is not a curse; it is simply the next phase of life Society has done a good job of stigmatizing menopause and turning it into a dreaded milestone. However, it is simply a process of nature that requires adjustment of both lifestyle and attitude. At Ahkami Medical Group, we…

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Birth control pill in Passaic

Common Side Effects of the Birth Control Pill

Side-effects of the pill are common, especially in the first few months as your body adjusts to changes in hormones and the reproductive organs Some of the most common include: Body changes: weight gain, tenderness in the breasts, changes in vaginal discharge and intermenstrual spotting are all commonly observed changes,…

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Predicting menopause in Passaic

Predicting the Age you will Reach Menopause

What factors matter for menopause? Genetics: excepting genetic mutations or unknown factors, your menopause age will likely fall within a few years of your mother’s. Ethnicity: certain ethnic groups have menopause at slightly different ages. Smoking: is linked to earlier onset of menopause. Chemotherapy: can cause earlier onset of menopause.…

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first trimester pregnancy in Passaic

Body Changes in the First Trimester

Our services for first-trimester pregnancies in Passaic If you suspect you are pregnant and are looking for confirmation, a home pregnancy test is an accurate indicator. However, at our office in Passaic, we can give you a definitive answer and talk to you about the next steps in prenatal care.…

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Exercises when pregnant Passaic

Exercises Guidelines for Pregnant Women in Passaic

Ideas for exercise during pregnancy: Warm up and cool down: the most important part of any exercise session to get your body in a receptive state for exercise. Warm up and cool down during pregnancy must be gentle to avoid Spinning: stationary biking is good for cardiovascular conditioning but should…

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Pregnant in passaic

Exercise for Pregnant Women in Passaic

At our office in Passaic, we encourage pregnant women to choose activities that are low-impact and aerobic focused. Exercises that involve a risk of falling or abdominal injury should be avoided and there are specific exercises that should be performed (and some that should be avoided) during each trimester. While…

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Obgyn in Passaic

On your Next Trip to the Ob-Gyn…

Tell us if: You are experiencing changes in your period: there are many reasons for a change in your period and it is important to know the exact cause. If you sometimes bleed after sex: the occurrence of blood after sex once is usually nothing to worry about, but if…

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Stress management in Passaic

Stress Management Techniques for Women in Passaic

On the mind and mood: Anxiety Sleeplessness Restlessness Short attention span Lack of motivation and focus Feelings of irritability and anger Sadness and depression Lack of motivation and interest in your normal activities What to do about stress in Passaic Listen to your body and stop tension where it starts:…

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