sti symptoms and testing in passaic

STI Symptoms and Testing in Passaic

Common symptoms of STIs Genital/Anus itching Pain or burning sensation during urination Pain in the genitals Pain in the pelvic region Abnormal discharge from the vagina or urethra Abnormal bleeding Pain during sex Strange odors Bumps, sores, lesions in the gentials or anus Rashes on the palms or soles of…

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sti testing passaic

STI Testing in Passaic

Know when to get tested for STIs in Passaic Are you sexually active? Have you had unprotected sex? Are you showing symptoms of STIs? Do you have a new sexual partner? Does your current partner have other partners? Does your current partner have an STI or symptoms of an STI?…

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STIs and fertility

STIs and your Fertility

How do STIs affect a woman’s fertility? Damage to the reproductive organs: STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are the most harmful when it comes to reproductive health, and they often go unnoticed when they don’t produce any symptoms. The longer they go unnoticed, the more likely they are to…

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unique health risks women

Staying Ahead with Regular Screenings in Passaic

Health risks that are unique for women include: Higher risk for developing breast cancer Elevated risk for death following heart attack The same STD can affect a woman more seriously than a man There is a risk for STD-related tubal damage that can affect fertility Osteoarthritis is more prevalent in…

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Preconception Health: Ensuring the Health of Mother and Child

Planning for pregnancy Whether you are fortunate enough to be able to plan for your pregnancy or not, then there are many steps you can take to ensure that your body is ready to provide a nurturing environment for a child-to-come. While avoiding things smoking and drinking is common knowledge,…

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Preconception Health: Are you Ready for a Child?

Ideally, a woman should take three months to prepare for a pregnancy. At Ahkami Medical Group, we are aware that this is not always a possibility; our job is to make sure that no matter what the circumstances, your pregnancy process is a joyful and healthy one the whole way…

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preventative health care

Women’s Preventative Healthcare is Our Priority

We consider our position as a women’s healthcare provider an honor To this end, we offer a full range of essential gynecological services for women in the Passaic area. Here are some great ways to lead a preventative lifestyle: Observe regular health check-ups Schedule routine pap smears and mammograms Vaccination…

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Combating the Cramp

Child’s pose is effective for: stretching the muscles in the lower back and promoting relaxation 1.)Begin by kneeling and sit back with your butt on your heels. 2.)Sit up straight, then stretch your upper body forward and down until your stomach comes to rest on your thighs. 3.)Extend your arms in…

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sleeping with your period

The Perfect Position for Sleeping with your Period

Controlling relaxation during your period When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep during your period, it’s all about exercising control over the factors that are within your power. Turn up the relaxation with these ideas: Hot shower before bed: this helps relax muscles and the temperature change after…

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birth control

Which Birth Control is Right for You?

Remember that none of these birth control methods protect you against HIV or STDs. They are purely for the prevention of pregnancy: IUD: an intrauterine device that is placed in the uterus through the vagina.  Diaphragm: a dome-shaped cup that fits over the cervix and is used during sexual intercourse. …

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