Combating the Cramp

Child’s pose is effective for: stretching the muscles in the lower back and promoting relaxation

1.)Begin by kneeling and sit back with your butt on your heels. 2.)Sit up straight, then stretch your upper body forward and down until your stomach comes to rest on your thighs. 3.)Extend your arms in front of your head and let them rest on the floor with your forehead on the ground. 4.)Hold for up to 60 seconds, practicing deep, full breaths the entire time.

Wide-angle seated stretch

1.) Sit on the floor with your legs wide apart and your feet flexed. 2.)Place your hands behind you on the ground and draw your belly button in toward your spine. 3.)Hold 30 seconds. 4.)Now reach your arms in front of you and fold as far forwards as you can. 5.)Hold up to 2 minutes.

At Ahkami Medical Group, we believe that pain relief can be found naturally. The other great benefit of stretching is it allows you to stay centered in the moment and practice breathing deeply to increase circulation which will also help defeat cramps.

Dr. Shahrokh Ahkami, M.D.

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