healthy aging

Healthy Aging for Women Starts with Awareness

What women can do to promote healthy aging

It’s never too early, nor too late, to start making changes in your lifestyle to account for your health. Here are some of the easiest and fastest ways you can make changes:

  • Diet: switch to healthy fats and minimize sugar consumption.
  • Exercise: as many as 80% of elderly women struggle with inactivity. We can help you get creative with your physical activity.
  • Focus on mental health: many elderly women suffer with depression. We can help you find strategies for minimizing anxiety
  • Minimize use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs

What we can do to help promote healthy aging in women

At our office in Passaic, we specialize in women’s preventative healthcare. We provide the following services and screenings to help you keep one step ahead of potential health risks:

  • Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings for heart health
  • Bone mineral density test
  • Thyroid test
  • Mammograms and clinical breast exams
  • Colorectal exams and diabetes screening
  • A full range of reproductive health screenings

We want to help you account for your unique health profile so that you are fully in control of your life as you move forward in age. If you are interested in using our services to promote a healthy aging process, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.

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