The Importance of Bone Density in Women

Why are strong bones so important?

Osteoporosis means, “porous bone,” and the change in structure of bone material is a primary cause for injury and broken bones in elderly populations. This is a serious condition that has the capacity to cause disability and permanent pain. One way to live a healthier, more independent life in old age is to maintain strong bones; at our office in Passaic, we want to help women maintain their bone strength so that they can keep in touch with an active lifestyle, no matter their age.

How we help at Ahkami Medical Group

We begin with a bone mineral density (BMD) test, which compares your bone mass to that of someone with healthy bone density of the same age and sex. At Ahkami Medical Group, we treat osteoporosis by mitigating bone loss through diet and medication, strengthening muscles and focusing on musculoskeletal balance to prevent the kind of lapses in movement that lead to broken bones. If you are interested in using our services to prevent bone loss and stay healthy despite potential bone loss, give our office in Passaic a call to schedule an appointment today.

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