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Staying Ahead with Regular Screenings in Passaic

Health risks that are unique for women include:

  • Higher risk for developing breast cancer
  • Elevated risk for death following heart attack
  • The same STD can affect a woman more seriously than a man
  • There is a risk for STD-related tubal damage that can affect fertility
  • Osteoarthritis is more prevalent in women than men
  • UTIs are much more prevalent among women than men

Getting regular health screenings in Passaic

This makes it all the more important to get regular screenings for breast cancer, cervical cancer and bone density. At Ahkami Medical Group, we safeguard your well being. We believe that early detection gives us the best chance of overcoming any health problem that may occur and as such we offer a full range of services to detect and treat the unique set of health risks that you face as a woman. Give our office in Passaic a call to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Shahrokh Ahkami, M.D.

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