birth control

Which Birth Control is Right for You?

birth control

Remember that none of these birth control methods protect you against HIV or STDs. They are purely for the prevention of pregnancy:

  • IUD: an intrauterine device that is placed in the uterus through the vagina. 
  • Diaphragm: a dome-shaped cup that fits over the cervix and is used during sexual intercourse. 
  • Oral contraceptives: an everyday pill that is taken by mouth. 
  • Intramuscular injection: given quarterly. 
  • Nuvaring: A small, flexible ring that is placed in the vagina for three weeks at a time. 
  • Skin implants: implants are placed on the inside of your upper arm so as to be out of view. 

Birth control as part of your overall wellness

These options can be custom-tailored to your particular lifestyle, but they can also be disruptive: if you are experiencing unpleasant side effects related to your particular style of birth control, never hesitate to consult us. Give our office in Passaic a call to schedule an appointment so we can help you find the greatest chance of success with birth control.

Dr. Shahrokh Ahkami, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. 

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