Obgyn in Passaic

On your Next Trip to the Ob-Gyn…

Tell us if:

  • You are experiencing changes in your period: there are many reasons for a change in your period and it is important to know the exact cause.
  • If you sometimes bleed after sex: the occurrence of blood after sex once is usually nothing to worry about, but if it recurs, it is worth bringing up with us- it can alert us to the preesence of infection, dryness or precancerous tissue in the cervix.
  • If sex is painful: this is something we often help women with- because there are multiple reasons why sex may be painful, we can help you determine why and what to do about it.

Your Passaic ob/gyn specialist

All things considered, the more detail we receive, the more comprehensive a picture we can paint of your overall health. This helps us deliver a more personalized level of care which in turn helps you to live a better life! For your next ob/gyn appointment in the Passaic area, give our office a call!

Dr. Shahrokh Ahkami, M.D.

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