postmenopausal life in Passaic

Adjusting to Postmenopausal Life in Passaic

Postmenopause is not a curse; it is simply the next phase of life

Society has done a good job of stigmatizing menopause and turning it into a dreaded milestone. However, it is simply a process of nature that requires adjustment of both lifestyle and attitude. At Ahkami Medical Group, we can put the power in your hands to help you stay healthy in both body and mind during this time of change. We will measure your follicle stimulating hormone level to determine if you have truly reached postmenopause. It is important to remember that even postmenopausal woman need to maintain a regular schedule of check-ups and preventative screenings to maintain their health and stay ahead of risk factors.

Our services for postmenopausal women in Passaic

Menopause is not a negative occurrence; it is not a disease that requires a treatment. It simply requires an acceptance of nature and a commitment to changing your lifestyle to account for the new changes in your body. Factors such as diet and exercise are extremely useful for taking back control over weight fluctuation and fat storage. At Ahkami Medical Group, we support women making the transition to postmenopausal life with a comprehensive list of services.

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