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Get Moving for More Energy

To keep energy levels high, move more

By you now, you may be so far gone on a coffee-a-day routine that your body doesn’t know how to function without a chemical stimulant. One of the best ways to break yourself out of this cycle is to make sure you get regular movement. How does it work?

  • Movement=circulation. Oxygen, glucose and nutrients move to every cell, especially the ones in your brain.
  • Movement relieves the muscular and structural fatigue of being sedentary. It helps your body feel alive as well as your brain. Even a quick stretch has the benefit of making you feel more awake.

All women can benefit from more movement

Movement is life; it is the most essential secret to a long life with a healthy body. If you are looking for ways to move more, or trying to overcome a condition that is preventing you from moving, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.

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