birth control and depression

Birth Control and Depression: What to Know

Hormonal birth control is linked to a higher risk for depression in women

The first thing you may notice when starting a new birth control are little things like a regulation of your period, slight weight fluctuation and improved acne. Further down the line are mood swings which may resolve themselves after a matter of months. But some women may experience an increased risk for depression, and it is usually experienced quickly: most cases of increased depression symptoms occur within six months of starting a new birth control.

Protect your mental health by talking to your doctor

You don’t have to sacrifice your mental health in order to minimize your risk for pregnancy. There are different types of hormonal birth control available as well as options that don’t change your hormone balance at all. Keep a close eye on your mental and physical health in the six months after starting a new birth control and make sure to contact us if you feel like it is not working for you.

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