cervical cancer

Regular Pap Screening May Save your Life

Cervical cancer: what you need to know Among the most common causes of cervical cancer is human papilloma virus or HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, certain strains of which lead to the development of cervical cancer. Lifestyle factors including smoking, certain types of birth control and plurality of sexual partners…

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woman movement

Get Moving for More Energy

To keep energy levels high, move more By you now, you may be so far gone on a coffee-a-day routine that your body doesn’t know how to function without a chemical stimulant. One of the best ways to break yourself out of this cycle is to make sure you get…

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birth control and depression

Birth Control and Depression: What to Know

Hormonal birth control is linked to a higher risk for depression in women The first thing you may notice when starting a new birth control are little things like a regulation of your period, slight weight fluctuation and improved acne. Further down the line are mood swings which may resolve…

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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding is More Common than you Think

How we help women with menorrhagia at Ahkami Medical Group As your Passaic gynecological specialists, our office will perform a full medical exam if you suspect you may be suffering from mennorhagia. This includes a full medical history including detailed questions about your menstrual cycles. We perform tests including blood…

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yeast infections

The Lowdown on Yeast Infections

Prevention of vaginal yeast infections At Ahkami Medical Group, we believe in a preventative approach to health care! Therefore we have come up with this list of ways to prevent yeast infections entirely! It is important to remember that yeast thrives in warm, moist environments. To this end, avoid: Douches, vaginal…

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reproductive health

PCOS: A Little Known Condition that Affects 1 in 10 Women of Reproductive Age

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder PCOS is caused by abnormally high levels of male hormones known as androgens. Digging deeper we find that this hormone imbalance is linked to another imbalance in the body: excess insulin, the hormone responsible for blood sugar regulation, interacts with the ovaries and…

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sleep well Passaic

The Side-Effects of Sleep Loss Affect Women Disproportionately

Healthy sleeping for women If you have been struggling to fall or stay asleep consistently for a long period of time, it is time to seek the advice of a medical professional. The stakes (your health) are too great to not be getting the sleep you need. At Ahkami Medical…

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sleeping in college

Sleeping your Way Through College is More Important than you Thought

Sleeping in college is rife with challenges While college is usually the time people discover the outer limits of what caffeine can do to keep a human going, it is always important to seek a healthy sleep schedule. College poses a whole new set of challenges to your sleep health-…

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Prepare for college Passaic

Entering College with the Upper Hand in Health

College is bound to expose you to a whole host of new health risks Proximity alone puts you at an elevated risk for coming into contact with airborne contagions. Poor diet, smoking, alcohol and drugs are among the factors that compromise your immune system and leave your body impaired when…

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PMDD in Passaic

Does your PMS feel too Extreme?

Do you feel at the mercy of your period? If you feel that your PMS symptoms are of a more extreme degree, it is a good idea to speak with a doctor. At Ahkami Medical Group, we offer a medical examination that can help determine whether your symptoms are indicative…

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