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Are you thinking about becoming pregnant in Passaic? Take time for a preconception checklist

Congratulations- this is a monumental decision that will change your life and start a new one! If you are in the fortunate position to plan a pregnancy, it is always helpful to be thorough and honest with yourself- are you truly ready to have a child? Questions along these lines involve:

  • Monetary considerations
  • Health history- possibility for genetic problems that could be passed on? 
  • Lifestyle habits that could affect the health of your child

preventative health care

Preventative healthcare is important for women's health

At Ahkami Medical Group, we subscribe to the notion that it's easier to take preventative steps and defeat a problem in its early phase rather than waiting to treat it when it becomes something more full blown. Preventative health means being proactive: being educated, taking an interest in your long term health, and taking the right steps to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and that's why we are here to help. 


Menstrual cramps vs. your brain

Dysmenorrhea is the scientific name for the dreaded menstrual cramp- the dull, throbbing pain in the lower abdomen that sets in before and during your period. While pain medication is an easy and effective go-to, some women seek a natural alternative for relieving pain. For this, we turn to nature's pain reliever and it's within your body! Endorpins are neurotransmitters that interfere with opiate receptors in the brain, helping us to perceive less pain. Endorphins are most easily released with exercise, which means that a few well-timed movements could actually significantly improve your experience with pain during your period. 

Mitigating menstural pain with some easy stretching

We want to focus on stretches that:

  • Are not overly demanding
  • Stretch the abdominal muscles and hip flexors
  • Ease pain in the lower back and front of the body

sleeping with your period

Does your period interfere with getting restful sleep?

Certainly the discomfort and abdominal cramps can making sleeping with your period difficult. You can mitigate sleeplessness during your period by getting yourself in a comfortable position that helps the muscles relax and lets the relaxation flow. 

The perfect position is...the fetal position!

It is the position most suited to relaxing pressure on the abdominal muscles, which helps prevent cramps from waking you up. By sleeping in a position that encourages less tension in the muscles surrounding your abdomen, you will feel less pain and likely wake up less. 

birth control

Look to us for birth control options in Passaic, NJ 

Birth control is a powerful way to influence wellness. Birth control in itself is a big decision and that is before you get down to all the different methods available these days.With the sheer number of options available to women specifically, choosing which birth control is right for you can be overwhelming and the internet seems to make the decision even more convoluted. With situations like these, we always find that a conversation with a health professional is the best place to start. Let us take the difficulty out of the decision-making process by sitting down together and discussing the option that fits your body best. 

Options for birth control: which one meet your needs?

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