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Does your PMS entail emotional turbulence? 

Mood changes are very common during PMS due to the rise and fall of hormones, especially estrogen. But at its most severe, PMS can actually wear you down emotionally. Mood swings are most often noticeable anywhere from a week to two weeks before menstruation begins during the phase that follows ovulation. They usually disappear a day or two after menstruation begins. If you feel you are at the mercy of your PMS, there are steps you can take to stabilize this roller coaster of emotions. 

Accounting for your mood during PMS

  • Blood sugar regulation: avoid spiking blood sugar and letting it drop off by regulating your diet. 
  • Calcium: several studies show that calcium is linked to improvement in symptoms for women suffering mood swings during PMS. 
  • Exercise: gets endorphins flowing to fight pain and depression. Endorphins have also been shown to mitigate symptoms associated with hormonal upheaval.
  • Watch your intake of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

How we help women with severe PMS symptoms in Passaic

At Ahkami Medical Group, we believe that if the severity of your PMS symptoms is encroaching on your enjoyment of life, something should be done. It all starts with a conversation- once we determine how PMS is affecting your life, we can move forward with recommendations regarding changes in lifestyle and medication that can help mitigate the side effects of PMS. If you are ready to take back control of your life from the emotional roller coaster of PMS, give our office in Passaic a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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