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sleeping with your period

Does your period interfere with getting restful sleep?

Certainly the discomfort and abdominal cramps can making sleeping with your period difficult. You can mitigate sleeplessness during your period by getting yourself in a comfortable position that helps the muscles relax and lets the relaxation flow. 

The perfect position is...the fetal position!

It is the position most suited to relaxing pressure on the abdominal muscles, which helps prevent cramps from waking you up. By sleeping in a position that encourages less tension in the muscles surrounding your abdomen, you will feel less pain and likely wake up less. 

Controlling relaxation during your period

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep during your period, it's all about exercising control over the factors that are within your power. Turn up the relaxation with these ideas:

  • Hot shower before bed: this helps relax muscles and the temperature change after you get out of the shower slows your heart rate and encourages calm. 
  • Progressive muscle relaxation: practice taking deep, full belly breaths. On the inhale, tense a given set of muscles, say the shoulders and release on the exhale. Periods have a way of getting you balled up with tension and this is a good way to let go.

If sleep poses problems during your time of the month, make sure you focus on getting yourself as comfortable as possible when trying to find rest. The fetal position may be able to help you do just that!

Dr. Shahrokh Ahkami, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. 

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